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Ceramics has become an integral part of my being. Fourty years have passed since I began working with clay, thirty- five as a profession.  Anyone who has worked with clay knows the endless intrigue, a question never answered, that the medium presents.

In 1976, with kiln in tow, I left my native Chagrin Falls, Ohio for the Colorado mountains intending to finish a degree in psychology.  A detour was inevitable.  After establishing a studio, I completed a BA in Fine Art at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  In 1984, I left Colorado for San Francisco completing an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute in Ceramic Sculpture.  

In 1993 I left S.F. to live in the Italian ceramics town of Faenza. After 10 years of focusing exclusively on sculptural problems this experience renewed  an interest in the functional object.

Though settled once again in San Francisco since 1996, I continue to travel sometimes giving workshops in settings as diverse as India or Malta. My objective and joy is in observing the endlessly unique possibilities  cultures and individuals use to express universally shared activities, drives and their uses of clay. No matter where one travels in the world the use of clay will be found. 
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Dress-ups, Hampi, India

of our best intentions 
to control nature;
nature will always  
Wat Thom, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Jumping Cat Monestary,
Temple Bull, Ramaswaram, India
Cowpaddy Recycle, Varanasi, India
Keyhole Limpit
Mutant Tube Sponge
Two Rivers, Carrara, Italy
Spanish Shawl Nudibranch
Keyhole Limpet