Functional (All)


Red Ruffle Plate, 20”

Home Plate, 18"


Orange and White Heart Bowls, 20” and 12”

Dot by Dot by Dot by Dot by Dot by Dot by…………………..

Side view

Blue with Red Dots, 16”

Red Base Dot Bowl, 16"

Yellow Lines Dot Bowl, 16"

Below are the delicate yet durable “Egg shell” dishes which are also able to be used in a microwave. They range from 5”-8” diameter.


Above with at the Moving Museum exhibition of my work in Nanjing China. The promotors fabricated 7 teapots of my design from 5’ - 12’ tall. All of the teapots below are approximately 16” tall.


Red Blue Pedestal Bowl, 12” H

Red Dot Vase, 10” H

Red Ruffle Vase, 21”


I entered into working with clay in 1969 using Stoneware and then Porcelain at cone 10 in a reduction firing. Upon moving to San Francisco in 1984 I began using a wider variety of clays including Earthenware.