Three Standing Figures (life size)

This body of figurative sculpture came out of a quest for understanding human nature and evolved into an acceptace and trust in the nature of all things.

Each figure is situated in common human gestures with minimal specific information, consequently inciting one's own references, memories and associations.  

A sculptor's actions are usually exicuted with the intent to manouvour one's material into submission. I've become more interested in the pervasive force of nature regardless of human efforts to control it. With some pieces, I prefer to withdraw my intentions and document the properties of nature to continue manipulating the materials.


Traveling (life size), Leg with foot in background are fired clay with acrylic paint

Alcatraz Dream Boat
(upper boat by Richard Elliott)

Bowing, 18” (model)

Bowing (detail)


The material I use is raw clay mixed with an organic binder used in  taxidermy. Once I've formed the figure or form from solid clay, I then impregnate fabric with the solution, drape, “freeze” into position with a heat gun and discard the original leaving only its shell as a memory to its existence.


Sitting with Someone (life size)


Sitting with Someone Else, (model)

Stills from video of decomposition of Sitting with Someone

Facing Figures (model)

Facing, life size

Connected, 6’ H

Connected, (detail)

Bed, 8’ wide, (with participant)

Alcatraz Chair, 6’ H

With participant